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Jeera Poli

Hmmmm. Now what should I say. This is one of the most delectable sweets I’ve had. A sweet version of poori’s made with all-purpose flour, dipped in sugar syrup with cardamom and topped with crunchy titbits of almonds, cashews and pistachios. Yummylicious! huh?  Well, made this on my mom’s b’day and it was a huge hit. “Jeera” simply means sugar syrup. This is something you can do as part of your Diwali sweets or just on a sunday evening to treat your family with a sweet surprise. It is very easy to make, and sure would be enjoyed by everyone in your family.


  • Maida or all purpose flour- 1cup.(for 15 polis)
  • Oil for deep frying-2 cups.
  • Cane sugar- 1cup.
  • Cardomeom powder( Elaichi)- 1tsp.
  • Orange or yellow food color- a pinch
  • Almonds, cashews and pistachios- coarsely powdered- 3tsp.

Jeera Poli


  1. Mix maida with a little water and few drops of oil and knead into a dough.
  2. Keep it aside for 30 minutes.
  3. For Jeera(Sugar syrup): Add little watar to sugar in a pan and heat it till it forms 1 string consistency.
  4. Add cardomom powder and food color to the sugar syrup.
  5. Make small rounds, ( small lemon sized) in the dough and roll them flat  like pooris with a rolling pin.
  6. Dab it with maida, just so they dont stick.
  7. Deep fry in hot oil one by one, till golden brown.
  8. Soak the warm pooris in warm sugar syrup and arrange them in a platter.
  9. Garnish with crunchy titbits of cashew, Almond and pistachios.
  10. They can be served as rounds or can be folded into halves.


  • The pooris have to be crunchy. So don’t soak for too long in the sugar syrup.
  • While making sugar syrup, make sure, it doesn’t cross the 1 string consistency, otherwise the sugar may crystallize on top of polis.
  • 2 tsp of Whole whea flour can be added to all purpose flour if you want the dough to be firm and easy to handle.

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