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Cooking 001-1

Summer is here. This fruit basket is all geared up, just in time for the patio season. Look at the beautiful color. I am totally in love with watermelons. The taste, the water content, the color-what an amazing fruit. My dad would buy this fruit every summer because he knows that I simply love it. My husband got a huge watermelon from the grocers and I decided to try my hand in fruit carving. Walla!- what a beautiful serving bowl for the bright fruit.

Watermelon Tulip

Watermelon Tulip

It reminds of beautiful tulips of Skagit Valley. Talking about cooling your body, Let me tell you more than a dozen simple ways to beat the heat and stay cool.

  1. Fruits like Watermelons, Cantaloupes and Honeydew melons- with abundant water content.
  2. Cucumber salads.
  3. Vegetable like bitterguard/Karela.
  4. Green Moong Dhal-soaked and can be used with cucumbers in Kosambari’s.
  5. Tender Coconut water.
  6. Barley water.
  7. Buttermilk.(see my previous post)
  8. Lemonade or Nimbu paani.
  9. Fenugreek seeds, leaves(Methi or Menthya)- in cooking as well as ground paste can be applied to head, and washed.
  10. Avoid Spicy food and drink plenty of water.
  11. Applying Henna, which is a hair colorant is also  a great way to cool off your body.
  12. Applying Kajal( Men -dont attempt this) will help cool your eyes. Cucumber rounds around  your eyes.
  13. Exercise- Sweat from workout, will make the heat get away from your body and will help you stay cool.
  14. Last but not the least, the good old practice in India-Oil Bath with sesame or gingelly oil. Sesame oil is highly effective in cooling your body. A little oil can be warmed and applied on center of the head and massaged. leave for 1/2 hour and shower. There  is no medicine to cool your body, better than a refreshing oil bath. This is the reason why Sesame oil  and methi are used in preparations like pickles and thokkus. The idea is your body could get heated up from the spices and chillies. So, to offset the heat, sesame oil and methi are used. Your heat boils, prickly heat and burning eyes would vanish after the oil bath.
Cooking 011

Water Melon Juice

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