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What a gratifying day I had. First, Lemme tell you how the day ended.

6 pm:- oil lamps are lit and the home smelt wonderful with the aroma of agarbathi. Sat in front of the shrine on a small mat and opened my Music notebook, sruthi box by my side. Started off  singing Saint Thiagaraja’s wonderful compositions. My daughter was sitting next to me.

1. “Nee Dayaradha” in Ragam Vasantha Bhairavi set to Rupaka talam.

2. “Maakelara Vicharamo” in Ravichandrika in Aadi tala.

3.  “Ethavunara” in Kalyani-my favorite raga, followed by

4. “Maamava Raghurama” in Saaranga set to Rupaka and kept going full on

5.  “Intha soukyamanine” in Kaapi set to Aadi tala

6. “Kaalaharana Mela” in Suddha Saveri/Rupaka

7. “Seethamma Maayamma” in Vasantha

8. “Brochevaarevare Raghupathe” in Sriranjani.

9. “Ramanuku mannan mudi”- a tamil composition by Arunachalakavi in Hindolam

Was not satisfied yet. 9 doesn’t seem to be a good number. My husband got super excited and wanted to do his share of promoting my singing. He played Pancharatna kritis from his ipod, which made me sing a couple of more Thayagaraja’s Gems 

10. Sadhinchane – Ragam Aarabhi

11. Jagadananda Karaka – Ragam Naatai

Now, is there a better way to end the day?- yes, by blogging about it !

Now, lemme tell you how the day started. After showering, Kept chanting “Ram” many times and started my “Neivedhya” preparations for the day.

Sri Ramanavami commemorates the birth of Lord Rama– incarnation of Lord Vishnu . Rama was a righteous king who took a human form and was born on earth to fight Evil. He underwent all the sufferings of mankind. Ayodhya- the birth place of Ram would be bustling with joy and festivity during this season. People observe fasts, perform pooja, chant slokas, read Ramayana, sing bhajans and kritis and make special offerings to Sri Ram.

In South India, Paanagam, neer moar and Kosumalli/kosambari is offered to the God, however in NorthIndia, Sabudana kheer and kichidi are done and can be eaten as fasting food.

Paanagam: A deliciously aromatic sweet punch!


  •  Powdered Jaggery- 1/4 cup.
  • Dry ginger- Sukku- 1 tsp.
  • Cardamom-4.
  • Water- 4 tumblers.
  • Lemon juice- 1 tsp.

Method: Dissolve the jaggery in water and strain all the sediments.

Add powdered sukku, cardamom, lemon juice . Mix well, offer it to God and serve chilled!

Neer moar: Neer moar is an amazing thirst quencher and a must during the summer months in india. Just like how we see “Lemonade stands” by kids in the US, most of the street corners would have “Neer moar stands” in earthen pots to keep them chill. It’s a heavenly drink! 


  • Curd/yogurt 4-5 tblsp.
  • Water- 3-4 glasses.
  • salt to taste.
  • Ginger scrapes- 1tsp.
  • asafoetida a pinch.
  • Green chilly cut into pieces-1
  • Curry leaves-few

Mix the above ingredients, churn well and serve chilled! a hint of lemon juice can be added.

Kosumalli/Kosambari: Kosumalli is a quick salad that is made with split green gram. It is very healthy and easy to make.


  • Split green gram/pasiparupu- 1 cup
  • Salt- to taste.
  • lemon juice- 2tsp.
  • Cilantro- a fistful.
  • Coconut scrapes- 1tsp.
  • Cucumber-few slices-optional
  • Raw mango pieces-optional
  • For Tempering- oil-mustard seeds, urad dhal, asafoetida, green chilly- 2 slit, curry leaves-few.


  1. Soak the green gram for 1 hour after thoroughly washing it.
  2. Add all the above ingredients to the soaked gram.
  3. Heat oil- 1 tsp and add the ingredients mentioned in tempering. mix well, offer it to GOD and serve it in a plantain leaf.

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Flavored Milk

It’s 4 pm in the evening…………

Me: Come on honey. It’s time to drink your milk.

My daughter: No mommy. I am busy.

Me: Please da kanna. Come on, drink it quick.

My daughter: Mommy. Stop bothering me.

Me: Drinking milk makes you strong da chellam.

My daughter: (Showing her muscles) See mommy. I am already very strong.

Me:If you drink your milk, I will give you a scoop of ice-cream.

My daughter:Ice-cream is junk food mommy.( all of a sudden she gets  a “nyanodhayam” that ice cream is junk food).

Me: How about your favorite movie “Finding Nemo”?

My daughter: It’s boring!

Me: If you do not drink your milk now, I will give your toys to Riya.( her friend)

My daughter: Yes mommy. we have to share our toys. You can give.

Me: I said, drink it right now, otherwise, the ghosts are gonna come and catch you.

My daughter: There are no ghosts in this world mommy. People just “pretend” to be ghosts during Halloween.

Me: If you do not drink it, I will give  you a adi (Slap).

My daughter😦 with a grumpy face) This is not fair, you dont love me. I will talk to strangers…..

Yes, this is the latest way my 5 old blackmailed me, that she will talk to strangers, (Because we tell her not to talk to strangers). She uses the exact same words. That’s how much she hates milk. Every single day, I have to follow the strategies of Sam, Dhan, Bedh, Dand( the four strategies in Sanskrit literature meaning treating polite, reward, discrimination and punishment respectively) wasting 1/2 hour of my precious time. Punarapi Jananam, punarapi Maranam”– same story repeats every single day- three times a  day.

 Fall in love with milk contest enthused me to find interesting and fun ways to feed her milk, that she, most kids for that matter hate the most. In the US, we get Strawberry milk, Vanilla milk, Chocolate milk etc. But back home, we used to drink Rose milk, Badam milk (Almond Milk) and Pista (Pistachio) milk, which are very flavorful. They are so tasty, aromatic and the pastel colors are so pleasing to the eyes that, anyone will fall in love with milk.

Flavored Milk

Flavored Milk

Milk is the most nutritious thing in the world, which is why “Cow is worshipped in the  Hindu culture”. By making milk, more appealing to the kids, I am sure all moms would not only find great relief & lot of time saved, but also feel happy seeing the milk mustache of their kids after they finish the milk.


  • Chilled Whole milk or 2% milk- 1 glass.
  • Flavored essence- Rose(pink), Pista ( green), Badam ( yellow) available in indian grocery stores. It adds color and flavor- few drops. The brand I used is “Roopam”-synthetic soft drink concentrate.
  • Sugar-if required-1tsp.
  • Rose petals,almonds, pistachios for garnish-optional.


  1. You can either use boiled, and cooled milk or pasteurized,, homogenized milk, straight from the refrigerator, add few drops of the essence of your choice with or without sugar. Stir well and enjoy! It literally takes less than a minute to get this ready.
  2. Edible rose petals can be used as garnish for Rose milk to add interest.
  3. Powdered pistachios can be added for Pista milk and crushed almonds for Badam milk, for that nutty crunch at the end.


  1. If you do not want to have ice-cream, cake or any other high calorie options for dessert, you can simply enjoy this deliciously appealing, yet simple made in a snap-flavored milk as a great dessert drink.
  2. I personally like the  pista milk for its wonderful color and elaichi-pista flavor. It’s too good.
Yum yum yum

Yum yum yum

Submitted to “Fall in Love with Milk event in http://www.sanghi-tastybites.blogspot.com/  Sanghi’s Food delights.

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